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Our Philosophy 

At Coolum Beach Community Kindergarten we believe that childhood is a unique time of life to be valued and enjoyed and we honour the children’s right to learn through play. Children are seen as competent and capable and are genuinely supported to develop healthy relationships whilst creating their own learning and social experiences, both as individuals and as a collective group.

Coupled with our natural beautiful surroundings and passionate educators we instil a sense of belonging and sense of community so that children and their families feel welcome. Much of our focus is based on respect and on role modelling and supporting children’s emotional and physical well-being in order to develop skills in resilience as part of their life-long learning journey.

Our Educators are welcoming and nurturing individuals who listen to, engage with and respond to both children and their families whilst sharing their skills and comprehensive professional knowledge to enhance and support all levels of learning. Extensive and meaningful open-ended resources are sourced and provided to encourage skill building, imagination and a sense of wonder through play.

Within our natural environment that is rich in sensory textures we aim to create environmentally aware and responsible children through our embedded sustainable daily practices of recycling; reusing materials; gardening; composting and acknowledge and appreciate the land we share with our local indigenous Gubbi Gubbi ancestors past and present.

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